Sunday, January 6, 2008

36 hour sleep.

Day after food and wine marathon, I made the mistake of not taking the day off. So i went into work w/ a fat belly and a headache. So after sleeping on my keyboard, I went home for more sleep, so I thought.

This is for all the parents......
My son Dylan, was not feeling well. He had a nasty cough and was serverly congested. We have been running the humifieder and putting vicks vapor rub on his feet at night before he fell asleep.
My fiance was lucky enough to have the day off after x-mas and stayed home w/ him. So when I got, he sounded worst. We ended up calling the doctors office and explained the sympatons and were told to go to the ER. Ok, no big deal, go the ER, get some treatment/medicine and be on our way....NOPE.

Ok, its was 830pm, when we left for the hosiptal. I have been up already 13 1/2 hours and was not ready for an all nighter.....

The trip to Abington Hosiptal took about 25 minutes, so we arrived around 9pm. After regestration, we went straight to an ER room, where he was evaluated by a nurse. We spent about 1 1/2 in that room and then moved too another one. its now about 1130pm. where we waited again for about an hour until we saw a young resident. (Abington is a teaching hosiptal). Another evaluation by him and we waited another hour or so, until the chief ER doctor came in, said some words, gave his opinion and told us to be prepared for a long night. He order some tests, x-rays and a respirtory breathing treatment.

Time is now 1am.....
Nurse is now in, (which she was pretty hot and was the only thing that kept my eyes open) too get a sample of snot from his nose, for a test. After the extraction of the fluid, the nurse said, it shouldnt take to long for the result. Yeah right, "shouldnt take to long" took 2 hours, and its about about 3am.

The chief ER, comes back in and says its what he thought. It was "RSV". RSV is a serve chest cold. The doc said, it was probably the worst cold a young infant can have. He told us out of the 20 rooms in the ER 15 were young kids.

4am, the Peds doctor, came down and gave another evalution and said that we were going to be admitted, into the Peds Unit as soon as a bed opens. So the entire ER, was a secondary Peds Unit.

6am shift change.
Seen a couple of doctors, mainly the respirtory docs and nurses...

went in for X-ray. the doc showed us the junk in his chest. Nasty!

at this point my eyes are as heavy as Rosie O'Donnell. The only entertainment is the WSOP game on my cell and watching all the cops and paramedics walking through the ER.

Thank god for the future mother-in-law. (maybe the only time i say that) As she is an employee at the hosiptal, Manager of admissions. She walked into the room w/ coffee and donuts. Yes! Third win has hit, but I know, it will be short lived..

Officially awake for 24hrs....
Still no bed upstairs, for us to be admitted. More doctors, more breathing treatment.

Drive home get shower, something eat and pickup some items.

Finally a bed opens up. See more doctors and more nurses and more treatment.

Hit the 500k mark on my cell phone playing 50-100. Boy do those digital pros suck!

More treatment and lunch/dinner

Shift change, new doctor and new nurses.... Was told in 2 hours that we would be able to go home.

Officially 36 hours. What is sleep? I hit up the Oxygen in the room. Ah refresh!

Check-out. Leaving the hosiptal.

Baby is asleep.
Daddy and mommy is asleep.

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