Friday, January 4, 2008

Amen, its over!

That of the holiday season! I was very grateful for the season and the year, alot happen. Engagement, my first child and my new job. But I'm glad its soo over. My last post was x-mas eve and it was non-stop from that point forward.

Dec 24-After my work day (half) it was time to go to my parents. My mom does the 7 fishes. A Italitian tradition that takes place around the holiday. If you havent had it, its a must. Many different things. Shrimp, scallops, flounders, fried dough, spinch pizza, smellzt, bocalla, calamri, and many, many things. After dinner, we opened gifts w/ my family and received a lot of good things. I dont remember what I got, I was still in a food coma. Top w/ all the wine, it was a nice night before christmas sleep.

Dec 25th- Morning of, we got up early and went to mass, with my in-laws, then open a ton of gifts, really a ton of gifts. My future mother-in-law goes nuts with gifts, but its great. tons of shirts, videos, sports memboriallia, house items and everyday needs items. Its way to much but grateful.

My in-laws primilirty celebrate on x-mas, where my parents celebrate on x-mas eve. The in-laws have a huge breakfast, with/ all of the fixings. Eggs, pancakes, every breakfast meat in the land, including a baking sheet of bacon a foot high, fruit salad, breakfast quiche, bagels, muffins, toast and mimosa's (more alochol). This is just a pre-game to what dinner holds. After breakfast, all the kids open more gifts and we all exchange the last of the gifts.

By noon its time to get going, as dinner starts at 4, with a trip up to Quakertown is not short. Dinner is at a future aunt and uncles house, that is on the farm, hores, pigs and chickens, the whole nine yards.

Well dinner is a big thing, and when i say big, I mean 10-course big. Its a 6+ hour food and wine coma again. Each course is served with a glass of wine, to which I dont know any of the names of. 10 courses, 10 glasses of wine= done!

All and all the holiday was great, expect for my 36 hour session. Next post.

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