Monday, December 24, 2007

Choose your 64

Your first group of invitations are sent out.

NBC, has invited the first 20 participants to the National Heads Up Tournament. (I'll be getting mine later on)

Who would be in your top 64? and Why?
Which celebrities?
Which young guns?
Which top professionals?
Which nobodys?
How many online qualifiers or satelite winners?


Riggstad said...

type your sentance... Highlight it... click on the hyper link icon... paste the URL in that...

My 64 is too long to put here...

I dont particularly think it would be a comlete 64 though. i think half the field of top professionals, The winner of the WSOP ME, The winners of every WPT event, 1/3 of the field celebrities, Michael Jordan, Evander Hollyfield, Chuck Liddell, The winner of the USPC, fuel, and Alcanthang, and of course, the two girls from two girls and a cup :)

Anonymous said...

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