Monday, January 7, 2008

Playin' Well.

I have been on a little heater, I supposed. Its not really a heater but I have been playing really well. And I'm happy with that.

I place 7th in the PLO $5.50 tourney that takes place at 1045pm est. I have been playing this tourney on a regular basis. I love playing this game.

I had a lot of chips in this tourney at one point and never left the top five until the final table.

One thing that i notice in the game is Out of Positions raises. It got me to thinking that these raises have to be -EV. I believe that this game, is a highly post flop game, then it is pre-flop. These OOP raises are redonkolous. Its not as if these are No-limit tourneys, where you can put maxium pressure, w/ the "all-in" bet. Play OOP is -EV anyway, but it is need in certain situations. These situations seem to work better in a NLHE, then PLO. I can see why a lot of pros play this game.

On new years, I got myself into a 180 person SnG for $8.80. I loved the structure as it was slow and you could trap donkeys. I got really deep made the final table with a healthly stack, then all of a sudden.... sssstttttaaaatttttiiiiicccc! Yup, the static in my life, the slit w/ the ring, nagging that we have to go to her sisters for dinner. Good thing that it is 2 minutes away. By this time I'm 3rd out of 7th in chips. I figured.... ok no problem, call my future bro-in-law and have him download FullTilt and I can play from there.

Well, Jesus must of hated me for this and it took 20 minutes to download the software. By the time i got logged on i was out in 5th. This was probably my closes shot at my first MTT 100+ person win. Nope. Anyway, dinner was good and a 6pack later, all memory of the tourney was gone...

The new year is off to a good start. I'm acheiving most of my goals. Being aggressive, making smart decisions and 1/5 of my way to a 1k BR.

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