Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My PLO hands....

Flopping top set doesnt alway win....

The odds from the gate were 50/50 preflop and flop, to the turn were i became 70/30 favorite. I really over-read the hand. I told myself that he didnt have hearts, but he had a really good draw. Nice hand PL.

Steaming from the skillz game i entered myself in the DS $5.50 PLO MTT. Again flopping top set is not good enough.

I knew I was beat when the 3rd guy put all his money in. I just can get lucky enough to suck out for a boat.

I did savage the night w/ a win in SnG 6-max for $6.50. I think this is a first win for me in a long time. Its really awful, that I cant remember my last win.

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