Saturday, July 14, 2007

A shootout freeroll.

Just got back from a Riverchasers event at a new venue. It was a special event a Shoot-out tourney. For those that dont know, Riverchasers is a company that host free poker games within bars and resturants and establishments. They are in southeast Pa, with games in N.J, N.Y, and Boston. A majority of game in the suburs of the Philly area. They do great things with the game and giveaway great prizes, all ranging from a WSOP ME seat, satelites into AC tournaments and lots of free stuff.

As far as the shoot-out, my table started w/ 9 players as the rest of the field started w/ 8 players. I recognize some people at my table but i dont really know anyone by name. We started off double stack (200 chips) from a normal tourney. I picked a lot of small pots from early position raisers and built my stack up to 300.

There was some really bad plays by people and I was waiting to pounce on their mistakes, one problem was that i had the chip leader on my left, so everytime that i raised he either came in or raise. When we got to 4-handed play I was trying to be ultra-aggressive, because of theses reasons

1. when I was UTG, the SB and BB were very weak and easy to read women players.

2. I was trying to gain some chips to be a force w/ the chip leader to get to heads up play.

Thats until, I ran into this hand.. blinds are 10-20, I'm UTG, I raise to 60, button and sb fold, BB calls,

BB history, eldery women, always comes in w/ A high no matter, and has been over betting the pot w/ a paint flop and just weak in general.

So, we see a flop of A, 3, 9 rainbow, she is first to act and over bets the pot, I sit and think, does she really have a better Ace then I do, (I have A,10suited in hearts) so I push all in and she calls i have covered by 100 or so. She flips A,9 and again, I'm out flop by a weak player. turn and river brick out. This is my typical live sessions of late.

Next hand, I'm BB, chip leader puts enough in for me to be all in. I call w/ Q,J and he has 10's . Flop nothing, turn nothing, and river nothing.

Game, set, match.

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