Sunday, July 8, 2007

A little cash.....

I kinda have a weird work schedule... w/ my new job I have a Sunday thru Thursday work schedule and off Friday and Saturday.
I got home, had dinner w/ the fianace and the dog, and my unborn son... Due in August.

after dinner, decided to see some of the action that was taking place on Full Tilt and read up on the live updates of Day 3 of the Main Event.

I played about for an hour and a half and double my buyin of $25 to $50. I was playing .25/.50 nlhm 9 handed. I usually bounce back and forth between 6-handed to 9-handed and usually just one table, as I dont like mutil-tabling games for a couple of reason,

1. Not comfortable playing multiple tables
2. Not Bankrolled enough to my liking

Couple of key hands

AA vs 10's, I had the bullets and a short stack moved and I instant called, and held up.

A SB vs BB, of KJ offsuit, vs a 10J offsuit, w/ J's hitting the flop. Didnt get the max, but a "small ball play" by the big blind, to call a medium size river bet.

But it was a good session play for the time spent and then it was off to watch, my Sunday show of Entourage on HBO. Great show tonight, probably the funniest show this season.


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