Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Live Home Omaha Cash Game...

Had a home tourney game that i usually play in on Monday nights, its basically a $50 SnG, a starting stack of 5k and 20 minute blind levels. 11 of us played and top 3 got paid, w/ third getting there money back, so in typical fashion, i rolled into 3rd. I played "ok" nothing exciting, small pots, no bluffs, ABC poker.

The night really began when i played the PLO cash game. .25/.50 game 4-handed and we all roughly bought in for $25 to $30. I bought-in for $28 bucks. I played really well, i flopped a lot of sets and double draws, that got there. PLO is so much fun to play and there is a lot more post flop play which i like.

One interesting hand where i stacked a player was.... I was in the SB and Button made a pot sized raise which was $1.50. I decided to call with (7h,7d,Ks,Ah) not double suited but i we were 4 handed and saw the flop of 8,7,8, I forget the suites but i remember no heart flush draw, I check in the SB, know that the button would bet for me, which he did. I immediatley say "pot" putting close to call in and he thought for a minute and called show trip 8's with the turn and river to improve. He had a bunch of outs to and lucky enough i dodge all of them to take down the pot.

After that we played 3-handed for about 45 minutes were i picked up alot of nice size pots to double my buyin and was much pleased w/ that. Lately i have been doing that whether its online or live, just doubling my buyin and walking a way happy.

I just wish my friends would play more cash then tourneys. If i had a choice, it would definatly be a cash game.

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