Monday, July 16, 2007

First losing session in a long while..

I had my first losing session in a long while. between tournaments and sitting in a cash game... I lost about $50 bucks of my roll. You migh say wow $50 bucks, no big deal, but I dont have a huge roll that I keep online, my roll offline is a lot different. Online i usually play turbo SnGs, and low limit cash from .15/.30 cent up to .25/.50 games, i also play low limit MTTs and satelites to bigger tournaments.

This how i started out my day,
Game 1. played a $6.50 turbo SnG 9-handed, first hand AK vs QQ. See ya, lost that race.

Game 2. played another $6.50 turbo SnG third hand JJ vs 88, flop an 8. Out flopped. See ya.

Game 3. drop down to $2.25 6-man SnG, missed the money. The hand before I went crippled me, SB vs BB, AJ vs A10, yup lost that one, but well played by the SB.

Game 4. played a $6.50 6-man, 2nd hand 10's vs QQ's again out flopped, See ya.

Total lost in 4 games about $23.

Then I saw a PLO $5.50 games. almosted cashed by 10 spots. Still no profit. After this. I decided to go to bed and cut my losses for the nite. but thats what i thought, I had the hard time trying to sleep. So, I ended up play a full ring .25/.50 cent game, where i lost my buy-in. I was really pissed, cuz i was up half a buy-in, and was pleased that I wasnt really stuck as bad from the beginning.

Money Management 101. Be happy stuck a little then a lot.

I will work hard to get back.

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