Monday, June 2, 2008

Astins conversation with Howard Lederer

Date 6-1-08
Setting: Office/Computer Area of Astins Home

Astin picks up phone and dials 1800-full-tilt.

Ring, Ring Ring

HL: Hello?
Astin: Howard! Its Astin.
HL: Hey Astin, how you doing?
Astin: Ok, just got done this awesome meal I made.
HL: Whatcha you have?
Astin: Something i tried for the first time that I was thinking about, champagne battered fish. It was yummy.
HL: Sounds delicous!
HL: What can I do you for Astin?
Astin: Well Howard, I'm about to fire Full Tilt poker and play in the Blogger Big Game, its the last game and oppurunity for a seat for the TOC, for a Main Event seat and Braclet package.
HL: oh Yes, yup yup.
Astin: Well i plan on going very deep in this tourney and just wanted to call you to "turn" that RNG in my favor, when I'm we are 11 haned and I'm on the 5-handed table, you think I can get pocket AA 3 times in two orbits and have 2 of the 3 pocket Aces to be on back to back hands.?????
HL: Astin..... for you pal anything. Consider it done.
Astin: Thanks Howard, tell Jesus, Jen, Erick, Gavin, Ivey, Andy, Gordon, Mike, Allen, Team CardRunners, Erik, Clonie, Gus and everyone else I said hello.
HL: will do. Good Luck..... Like you will need it.
Astin: Haha, you too funny Howard.
HL: Bye
Astin: Bye

*So, I dont know Astin personally but if he reads this, its just joking around.*

Simply incredible the rush of cards he gets late. I heard and read about, but being an actual witness to it, blew me away.


Astin said...

Can't forget the AK, QQ, and other non-AA hands. I like to mix it up.

But you shouldn't put Howie in such a bad light. He really didn't have a choice, what with those pictures I have...

smokkee said...

Goat and Astin both had a sick rush of cards late in the Big Game. but, somehow Maneki was able to overcome it. he played extremely well HU.

Shrike said...

Maneki and played well in the same sentence? Will wonders never cease.

Hilarious post btw.