Saturday, May 24, 2008

trip report continued.....

Before I start my trip report I have some sad news.

For those in the area, there was tragic accident on a construction site on early Thursday morning. An employee of Verizon, was working on a project on 202 (major highway), moving or hanging cable wire across a road on an overpass. Slack in the cable was caught by a passing truck, the cable snap back into my best friends dad, knocking him off an overpass onto the road below. He suffer major head trauma and was pronouced dead at the scene. It has been a hard time for my friend and his family.

Please keep my best friend and his family in your prayers during the very tragic and rough time.

Last time i lefted off was Tuesday afternoon, finishing the 1st round of 4 of golf for the week. The first round was probably my worst round of the week too.

So after the round we were all dying of food and drinks. So we stopped at the first bar/resturant. We all got some food and drinks and talked about where we would watch the flyers game that night. (Game 3)

The folks that were down here last year said that there was a "Philly Bar" in the area and it would be a good place to watch the Flyers. There was only one problem..... No one knew where it was.

When we got back to the condo, they tried looking it up on the web. They found an address (of what they thought was the place) and typed it into the GPS. After about a hour of driving around we couldnt find the place. So we ended up going to a very well known sports bar in the area. Problem #2..... It had a Pittsburg Steelers logo on the front of the building!!!!! Pittsburg fucking Steelers!!!!! The majority of us had flyers gear on and we're not scared to sit in a Pittsburg bar. But I have to say, it was pretty much half pengiuns fans and half flyers fan, so at least we werent alone.

I do have to say one thing about the place, that had a slight pengiuns dominance. Game 3 was the first game in Philly and it was the day after they had buried the Sgt. who was killed in the line of duty. (who was huge flyers fan) The flyers had a moment of silence for the slained officer. After the moment of silence, the whole bar clapped when the honored him and his family before the game. In the mist of an Eastern Confernce Final, people still have the respect to those who protect and serve. It was a real nice to see and hear, in a very large bar.

Well game 3 turned out to be awful for Philly fans. The flyers were slow and outplayed. They showed no heart and determination. They played a way better team in the pengiuns, then the 2 series before.

Though we were in another teams bar, at least we werent booooed out of the place. There was an occasional, "flyers suck", "Biron blows" and "Philly blows", but we just responed with "Fuck You!!!!", its easy, simple and straight to the point.

After a dispointing loss, it was time to get fucked up. We all headed back to the towards the condo, until we passed the "Titty bar" aka "The Pink Pony". The place was packed with bikers.

Oooooh did I mention that it was "Bike Week". Bike Week, didnt officially start until the next day, but all of them were already down from the start of the week and the ones coming in, seem to go straight to the club.

I'm going to say this right now. I'm not a "fan" of the titty bar. Yes, I have a penis. Yes, I'm engaged to a girl. Yes, I have been to many different ones, dirty and nice. But for me the titty bar is a big fucking tease. But I will NOT turn down a nice rack in my face. I just dont want to pay for lap dance and at the end of it be ready to "go at it". Its a tease and I want more. Plus on this night, my best man, my future brother-in-law was working on beer #36, so i had to watch out for him. Yes 36 beers through out the day.

Anyway, the titty bar was packed with bikers and it wasnt the cleanest or nicest of strip joints, that I have been in.

But being down there during bike week was incredible. Choppers, Harleys, custom bikes, three wheel bikes, and some sport/rocket bikes, were all over the place. It really made me to start to think about getting one. But what kind???? I really dont think, I saw the saw bike twice. Each one was different. They might of been the same model, but the paint jobs, the added features, the lenght, the thickness, the power, all made them different. God I want a bike!

I was talking to my dad about how it was bike week down there and I told him about wanting to have one, then he had to remind me of my son and family. Booooo, what a hypercrit, he had 2 bikes at my age, thats until he met my mother. Soon after they were both gone. What a pussy, my dad..... haha just kidding. But he said for him they are too dangerous, too many assholes with cars, who dont know how to drive. But he did say, there is a 25% chance of maybe getting one.

Hopefully one day, mostly likely after the family is complete, that I will get a bike or I hit the lottery.

To be continued.....


Donkette said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with your friend in his family.

lightning36 said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's father.

Geez - and I thought that I was the only one who held that opinion of titty bars. I guess that I was always too cheap and too direct and to the point. That's why I got married, I think ...