Monday, May 19, 2008

Golf, Beer, Biker Week, and $400 for the Eagles fight song. part 1

I had a great week. Awesome friggin time!!! Exactly what I needed as work was getting on my nerves.


I worked til 12noon. I literally ran out like the place was on fire. I got outside and let out the largest "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM" known to man. I got home, had a sandwich and beer, and threw my bags into, my future brothers-in-law truck, with my future father-in-law and other future brother-in-law and headed to pick up the friends of my FFinL for the trip.

Met up with the guy who is a co-worker of my FFinL (Future Father-in-law) at his his house and threw in more bags. We also had another stop in the city to pick the other 2 two, who had to work til 3pm, for payroll reasons, no clue why, as they were the owners. So before we had to pick them up, we had 45 minutes to kill, luckly Chubbys and Delisanoros (spelling???) and the decision was either Chubbys with a bar and beer in resturarnt or Deli's with no beer. So half went to Chubbys and the other half to Deli's. So an American without, cuz thats how I roll, and ice cold Lager (Yuelning, spelling???), but its called Lager, everywhere else you have to call in the Y-word.

After lunch, picked the other two guys and headed down to AC International Airport. Boy, its been a long time since I have been on airplane. I felt like a little kid on Christmas, no fear of flying here.

But also never been through the security checks and needing to be there extra early. But this had an upside. EXTRA TIME AT THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!! Completely shitty does not explain the mess I was before getting on the plane. I was a mess. Only thing I hated about the plane ride was with such a short flight meant, not a long time that you move around or get to the bathroom. Especially when I broke the "seal" before getting on the plane.

1hour 10minute flight, went real quick and we were down, got our bags and packed it in the 15 passenger van, although there 10 of us. The airport and the condo's were less then 15 minute drive. The two guys, who were brother-in-laws, each had there own condo, so we split 5 and 5.

The condo was awesome, large bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen, a screened-in porch and a pool outside the backdoor. We all got unpack, which was just throwing our bags in our rooms and walked over to the other condo, (which was right behind the one i was staying at) and headed to the bar. Some were hungry and others were just thirsty, so the place of Hooters was decided. I took the liquid route with some added apptiezers. I really hate Hooters food, its has to be a grade above dog food. After some 10-12 pitchers between the 10 of us, we decided to go and pick up beer for the 2 condo's.

One thing I hate about the supermarkets or grocery stores up in Pa. is that they dont sell alochol or beer within the stores. It makes it so more conviented. Lets see if I remember correctly...

2 cases of Coors Light

4 cases of Miller Light

12 of Guniness

12 of Harps

3 cases of Lager

1 case of Land Shark, (better then Corona IMO)

After the short trip to the store, we headed back to the place to drink some more. Next thing you know its 230 am and completely wasted! I told myself go to bed and be ready for golf. So i finished my beer and put myself to bed.

I stumbled over to the other condo, took my anit-hangover medicine of 4 extra strenght Tynenol and a bottle of water. It really works, your body might be dragging but no headache, which is the worst part of a hangover. Drank that down and i think i was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Golf was early at 930, but luckly the course was on the property of the condo's, so it would be a short trip.


Woke up feeling shitty, but no headache, but after a good hot shower, I was back feeling good. Tee time was 935, so we all left early to get some practice swings and putts in. After swing the clubs the week before, I was ready to go and stayed on the practice putting green more then normal.

The night before we drew numbers to see who would be playing with who. My group consisted of me, Mark, Tom Sr, (my FFinL) and Mark son Anthony. With ten guys, we played a better ball format in 2's. So there was one group that had to go by themselves.

My group was second to go off, we determined who was first by throwing the tee to see who was first, second, third and fourth. With my bad luck i was first. Nothing like a gallery watching you swing, especially with a drinking fest the night before.

Hole 1 was a slight dog leg right par 4, with water on the left, trees on the right and a creek that protected the green right in front. So I tee'ed it up, took out the big dog and let him ate. Boy did he ever.... a bunch of tree bark!

This was a sign to come. Not feeling well, body not in golfing shape, bright sun, empty stomach and a bet with the other twosome in my group. The bet was just between the four of us, lowest score wins.

Fastforward to the turn, Driver is now put away for the day and the 3 wood or 2 iron is in use for long distance holes. We started 10, only down 2 shots, so we were right there.

Three holes later we are down 5 shots, 3 straight birdies for our competition, with our 3 staright par's. So starting 13 down 5 with 6 to play and the wheels started to come off. No birdies, 3 pars and 3 bogeys, while our competition when 6 staright pars, to lose by 9 strokes.

I blame myself for that choke arstist display of golf. I couldnt get off the tee well enough and missing important putts caused my team to be man-handled by a team who had a long accurate driver and a man who plays a short game very well.

I hate long post and finish the rest week later.

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