Wednesday, June 4, 2008

trip reported continued

Longest fucking thing ever!!!!!


Wednesday still in Myrtle Beach, 2nd full day of activities (golf and drinking).

Woke up a little hangoverish on Wednesday after first titty bar night. Luckly tee time was the lastest of the 4 days so had time to shower and eat which helped alot.

Went to a place called 'Eggs Up Grill', nice smallest breakfast place. Got 3 eggs overeasy, BACON, and my grits, with added butter and maple syrup. Awesome!! Hit the spot!

Got back to the condo and gathered the rest of the troops who didnt wake up for breakfast.

Golf Course today was called the "International Club". Nice place, though they were working on some of the greens, but still not as nice as the first place. It would be here though, I would have my best day of golf.

Format was the same, best ball, but groups were divided into 3,3 and 4. Each group of 3, would rotate an extra shot. My group consisted of my best man, also a future brother-in-law and one of the guys who owned the condo we were staying and friend of my future father-in-law, his name is Mike. So Mike, Steve and myself were the first to tee off. At this point we didnt even look back.

Long story short, we ended the day -8, we me making 6 out of 8 birdie putts. No Bogeys!!!

5 of my 6 putts we in 10 feet but the one that started the string of birdies was from 45 feet!!!!!!! No joking around in was just on the green hugging the fring, but still on the green. It had the right speed and distance. It was slightly left to right and downhill, but it snaked its way to the bottom of the cup. This is the first putt I have ever hit like that. So in Corey fashion i had to run around the green, pretending to be riding a horse with my putter and ending it with the Chi Chi Rodriguez putter sword act, to the group that was on the tee behind us.

So it was the best round of the week for me.

So after that we stop for lunch for food and drinks. We were deciding again of what we were going to do for the night. This place was mention. Its called Broadway at the Beach. A huge entertainment area, with mulitiple stores, resturants and bars.

Good times doesnt explain the happenings at this place. So good that we ended up going to this place for the final 3 nights.

The first night we had dinner at a place call "Senor Frog". Which i knew or thought of being a night club.

Well dinner was okay, nothing special, actually probably the only dissappointment the entire trip.

See when I'm down south and especailly near the ocean, all I want is seafood. Shrimp, clams, oysters, fish and everything else seafood. I love it. But ended up going to a fake Mexican joint was just a letdown. I'm not one to complain and I eat anything anyway so it was ok. The only thing that made up for the lack of food was the drinks. Senor Frog had "yard" drinks. You know, the big drinks fill to the top. I'm not one for mixed drinks plus i havent really found one I really like. So a Yard of Lager was my choice, well actually 2 Yards. (I finished the 2nd one while walking around)

After walking around for about 10 minutes to see the other bars, we all decided to go Fat Tuesdays. Having never been to one before, I knew they were all about mixed and frozen drinks. The drink to have was a 190 Octane. Pretty much vodak, Barcadi 151 and Everclear, and for a $1 an extra shot. I think Everclear is grain alcohol, or something like it. It taste so good you dont know that it hits you until later.

Well this is the night where I saw my father-in-law get completely drunk off his ass. His decision to have a salad and a Yard of Long Island Ice Tea, and 2 190 Octane drinks completely made him shit face. I never laughed so hard, in my entire life. It was great.

After we all had 2 drinks from Fats. We heard a band and walked to go see them. Stage was set up in an alley type walk way, with bars on each side. Tons of people. Tons of hot smokin girls, shot girls and beer girls. Awesome sight, I might of have whiplash from the night looking around so hard. Southern girls are so damn hot and nice. Definatly bring home to mom types.

While standing around listening and watching the band, it was clear that it was time to leave but for home??????

Nope! On the way home, another titty bar awaited us. The Penthouse Club. The oldest gentlemen on the trip started the chant. Penthouse!! Penthouse!! Penthouse!! We all agreed on one drink. Well we all know that one drink means 3 hours later and more then one drink. Well this place was much nicer and cleanier then the Pink Pony. We were all seated towards the back of the club, and had a couple of waiteress taking our order.

After a little bit and starting my second beer, i get this whisper in my ear. "You have been auctioned off to me." I turn around and witness the most amazing girl i have laid eyes on. I turn around say "Who did this?" and she pointed to my best man Steve. "Go have fun man!" I say "thanks dude!" Mean while, my father-in-law is also in the "dance room". I follow her lovely round ass to the room.

Ok, this may be a shock to some, but this is my first lap dance. Ever. Remember, I'm not a fan of being teased at these joints. I hate being dick teased.

Well I fell in love. I think I found the love of my life, besides my fiance and son. But this girl was incredible. I loved every fucking second of it.


It was so good, that I went back for seconds and thirds, and fourths. Luckly one was buy one get two. Nice!!!!!!

This girl had the nicest tits, i ever layed my hands one (yes, they let you touch), the nicest ass, hips, legs, stomach and everything else. She was so good I wanted to fuck her right there. It was soooooooooooooooooo good.

Mental image stored for the rest of my life.

At the end of the night, she was on stage, and I gave her everything else i had and she put her tits in my face for the last time. She was perfect. Probably my soulmate.



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was her name olga? and did she have a sone with a club foot?