Monday, January 14, 2008


Played absolutely zero poker this weekend.

I really thought with my work schedule that I would be able to play most of the day Saturday and some when the baby is asleep on Fridays.

Well Fridays are a completely bust and Saturdays are filled with errands.

I did go to the Flyers game on Saturday afternoon. The fly guys dominated the first period and then it got turned around on themselves, while the Bruins were a completely different, team for the 2nd period and halfway thru the 3rd period.

Then a powerplay lit a fire under the asses of the Flyers as they rallied back down from 1-3. Goals by Scott Hartnell (who is on fire) and Danny Breiere, tied it for the orange and black.

At the end of the 3rd period, the flyers had a ton of chances and shots to seal it for the victory, but just like the rest of the game they kept missing the net.

Finally regulation had ended and it was time for the most exciting five minutes of sports. NHL Overtime. 4 on 4 hockey for five minutes, its the best. Odd man rushes, break-aways, point blank shots, incredible saves. Its awesome.

Going into OT, I told my dad, that the flyers should end this game in 1 minute. Well.... I was right about it being ended in a minute. Unforturntely it didnt go in favor the of the flyers. As a loose puck got push towards Niitamayki, as he was coming forward to clear the puck to the boards. A lone Bruin was there to clean it up and slap shot it by the goalie, as he was recovering from coming forward. From my seat it looked like it got deflected but I havent seen the postgame show or any highlights.

Overall it was a great time and game. It was my first one this year, as my pops has seasons tickets. Although he sold the rest of the games, I hope to get to another one.

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Schaubs said...

The flyers are a bunch of gooooons.

I can't say that enough.

They is no room in hockey for some of the shit that they done this year.

Bring back Lindros!