Friday, January 18, 2008

Starting to think this poker thing is not for me....

I just cant win.....


Mookie. Went completely card dead at the end. I eventually picked up an Ace and shoved. I get called by 99 vs. my A1o, and cant hit my pair. Gone 16th place.

Again like usual i play in a SnG, build a huge stack, get 3 outed on, to cut my stack, next hand I pick up KK, and get called by A8. Ace hits the river. bounce in 3rd w/ nothing to show for it.


Riverchasers. Feeling good, after a couple of after dinner drinks. I play a bunch of different hands to gambol a little.

After a couple of check/calls to see some hands, I pick up 55 UTG+2 raised 1/3 of my stack get called by one player, third player shoved, I called and the second player in the pot called as well.

second player calls w/ K10 off, (donk), third player shoved AJ.

flop hits me w/ a set. K10 pair his K, and AJ, had the broadway draw. turn brick. river 10. Peaceout.

I ended up playing the PLO 1045 tourney, have AAJ10, double suited, get called by some donk. Who had A266, single suite A high. He hits his set, slow plays me to death. Nice hand.

Enter a SnG 9-handed. again build a chip lead, bust in third for a small return.

Having the day off today on Friday, I enter myself into Super Satelite PLO game for $7. Bayne was in it. Top 3 get a return, w/ top 2 get a seat to a $50 satelite . Guess what place I come in, 3rd for a $4 profit. Again 4 handed I had a chip lead, and it get whittled down to nothing.

Serious I cant win.

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