Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Razz is funny....

Played in "Skillz Series" last nite, the game was Razz, I keep playing the "Skillz" games because of a couple reasons.

1. Its not hold'em
2. I really want to open up my game to the other forms of poker.

This is a great series of games that Chad set up for us degenrates. Though Razz is a card catching and chasing game, it really is a easy game to play. The secret is patience. Being patient will keep you in this game a long time.

With that said I didnt have the patience to play this game patiently. For some reason the baby kept waking up and wore on my last nerve.

It was an up and down game, which wore even more on my nerves. Up at one point, down at the next. Basically, I stood in the middle of the pack for most of the night. At one point i was second in chips with 13 or so people left. At this point I double a shorty and found my self back down in the middle. Couple of hands dont go my way (which always happens in this game) and i'm towards the bottom.

Somehow I ened up at the final table. I arrived on the very short stack. At this point baby was still not asleep and all I was looking for was a quality hand to put the rest of my money in.

6th hand in, I found that hand and shipped it. By the time I got back to the laptop, I saw i was bounced in 8th. 3 spots away from getting to the money. I hate it.

Feeling the need to get my money back, I fired up a 6-max turbo SnG...... I killed it. And to be honest that is an understatment. It was the best tournement/cash/ring/benefit/home game I had. I really need to go through the HH to see the combinations of hands that I got. With that satisification of winning the night was complete. In the past few nights I have been ending my session with a SnG and I have cashed in 5 out of 7 of the ones i'v I been in 2-1st 2-2nd and 1-3rd. I really need to build my BR.

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