Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BBT2 is in full swing!

Tonite is the 3rd event for the BBT2. I was not able to play in the first one, MiamiDon's Big Game for $75. I had the pleasure to be caught in a Wii Tiger Woods tournament. The Wii is fuc'in awesome. It has to be the best game console to date. I just wish i had more time to practice.

We played a 4-man skins match and played for $5 bucks a hole. I ended up plus $15 bucks. It was a great time.

My first event was Hoy's MATH event and boy did I feel like I didnt belong on the table. I felt my draw was very calm and assertive. By assertive I mean nothing crazy, very ABC poker. Then this guy showed up with a very healthy stack and I completely shit myself. I raise he reraise, I put money in the pot, he put more money in the pot. I was just outplayed and i completely lost myself and frustrated myself on an avatar. Thats all this guy was a digital enhanced picture.
I dont know him personally but I have read his blog. He has very impressive stats and wins. His posts are smart and logical but I only have one question and that is how do these guys do it? I mean how do they put up serious wins and stats? Hoy, cracknaces, and lucko21 all have very impressive wins. I'm still looking for a serious win or event satelite seat to a big event for even a shot at big time money.

My style is my style, its tight and its aggressive. I dont like putting my money in bad or even when i think i'm even behind, even by the slightest margin. So I have decided its time to open it up a little. Who cares if i'm out early, who cares if i put my money in when i behind a little. I'm will be making reads and going with them. for better or worse. I will not go down being blinded out.

the new style of poker starts tonite. I'm in the Mookie now. I will post my performance tomorrow.

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