Friday, October 19, 2007

This past week...

Lets start off from last Saturday.

Last Saturday, was one of my best friends wedding. Which happen to take place in Elmira, New York. I had all intentions of driving up Friday and parting w/ all of my friends but plans changed and we drove up early Saturday morning. It was about a 4 and 1/2 hr trip up, w/ one stop for the baby. For me, I'm just like my dad w/ the same mentality for road trips and that is the less stops the better. Now this is the first time that I had to travel a long distance w/ my son, so we had no idea of what his intentions were for the trip, if he would sleep or be awake. Me and his mother have been very bless. He has to be the best baby in the world. No lie! He does not cry, (expect for hungry and wetness), he sleeps very well, he eats like a champ, and is very peaceful in all enviroments. For the past two weeks, he has been sleeping in his crib and each nite he sleeps through the night. Meaning that we put him down around 930/10 and doesnt wake up until 630/700 oclock in the morning. There has been a couple of times where we had to check him to see if he is alive and a couple times were we had to wake him up, just to get ready for daycare. We are extremely lucky. This parenthood stuff is way to easy.

So the wedding was extremely short and nice. but it was also 20 minutes away from the reception, so it took longer to drive to the reception then did the ceremony itself. The good thing about the reception was that it was in the same place where we were staying. The food was good, not great but who really cared about the food, I wanted a drink! Open bar meant, Absolute and tonic. Its my wedding drink for some reason. With the baby w/ my parents for the night, who were also invited, me and fiance were let loose for the first time since Dylan was born. It was such a great nite. My friends are all good drinkers and we party all night long.

Poker related.
Sunday was the PokerStars blogger tournament. Unforutnly, I was still hungover from the wedding the nite before, I didnt have the chance to enter. Oh well!

there were a couple of nites in a row, where i swear everyone had it out for me. bad beat after another.

also in those nites, I found myself playing the PLO MTT tourney that is $5.50. It gets about 200 or so people and its a nice change of pace. Out of the 2 nites, I made it deep in both but no luck cashing.

Wednesday nite was the Mookie . But was that a struggle. Counldnt get anything going at all. I couldnt past 3700 in chips.

Last nite, was Riverchasers event and placed 6th for a $28 score. One of these days I will win either the Mookie or the Riverchasers event. Congrats to the RPT CEO Riggstad for 3rd and Hold_me333 who i believe is Steph? RPT employee for the final table. If I'm missing someone from the RPT group sorry.

Also, I played in the $26 and $75 Token Frenzies on FullTilt and score a token for each. Each will be used for Hoy and MiamiDon tourneys for the Sunday and Monday. Sunday MiamiDon game is the start of Battle of the Blogger Tourmanets 2 sponsored by Full Tilt Poker (link is from Alcanthang)

See you there!

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