Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mookie and Riverchaser

In my last post, I previous stated that I would "open" up my game a little and start to gambol. Overall I was pleased with my start and play. I enter alot of pots raising and when check too I put money in the pot. I stole the BB from my small blind and used a couple of check raises. I controled the pot when I was in poistions and played aggressive when in position.

I made through the first two breaks and then went out 10 minutes into the third hour. On this hand. Dont people know how awful KQ is to play out of position and then call a huge raise with and with 2 other people behind you to act. This person then proceed to donk off their chips about 10 spots in front of where i went out.

What else about this hand that I hate is the great FullTilt RNG. The one thing I hate about poker the river flush. I hate when it goes runner runner, or even runner, runner, runner for the win. It sucks.

Tonite is the 4th event of BBT2 and its the Riverchasers $10 + $1 No-limit hold'em.

Again, I will be also listening to BuddyDankRadio. tune in, its great internet radio.

also i'm AIM: corron10



Riggstad said...

How do you like that software?

corron10 said...

its not bad. I saw it in a couple of other post and forums. honestly I just google poker hand converter and picked it. flopturnriver is just as good.