Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Its been a month

Yeah, so its about a month since the last time I wrote. A lot has happen, a lot. My fiance and I had our baby boy on Aug 3rd, so its been crazy. We named him James Dylan and we will calling by his middle name, just like his dad. The first name is link to me and my dad, his grandfather. My dad goes by his first name, i go by my middle, and my son will be the same.

So since he has been born, i have seen more people and more gifts for the baby, that I could open up a coffee house and clothing store in my house. I love that everyone loves him but when will the constant flow of people stop???

My poker playing has been limited for the last month, but I was able to play a little here and there, especially one table SnGs. I havent had the time to play a big tourney but was able to play for a seat into the FTOPS Main Event, unfortanuly I missed the cut.

I have to find time to play and its seems like Thrusday nights and Fridays, when I'm home will be the best time to play. What I really want to do is play live, either a freeroll or a home game.

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Riggstad said...

Welcome back Meho! Friday night games are a regular for us.. if you want in email me...
good group of guys