Friday, July 27, 2007

Riverchasers Event # 2

Finally a decent result. I played expectionally well last nite. 47 playes showed up for a $10+1 private tourney on Full Tilt last nite. I finished 4 for a whopping $52 payout. last nite i was really focused. Not like other time where i was already seeing a bad beat happening agaisnt me, verus some donkey. Every raise, people layed down and every over the top moved that I did, they layed down. I was all in and called twice all night. Twice! With that kind of stat, I should of won the thing. I was chip leader when we 4 handed but only by a little, I did make a mistake when we were 4-handed, I tried a check raised on a J,8,4 w/ two diamonds high board w/ A9 of hearts, and the opponent came over the top for the rest of his chips and was forced to lay it down. It was moved by me to see if he would lay down like a pair, but it didnt work and was back to playin my TAG style. I played every hand well last nite, I know I missed some bets and hands when I was in position but I was more then satisify w/ the outcome.

On the car search, I finally purchased one and went with the Hyundia Santa Fe, 3.3 V-6 AWD model. Its was the best deal out of all the cars that I saw. It had the bigger engine, better warranty, 60 month deal, and finance rate. Plus, I got the price that I want. Haggling is fun, especially with car salemans. I want a deal and they want to sell

Building a bankroll.

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