Sunday, August 26, 2007


My weekend starts Thursday, due to my work schedule, being off Fridays and Saturdays, so its my shift to stay up w/ the baby, while mom gets some sleep, usually the baby is asleep, so I get to play poker late nite. Thank god, Internet Poker, what would I do without it.

So thrusday, i played for a while, got deep in a $10+1 MTT, but didnt cash, disappointed, but no big deal.

Notice a lot of people limping UTG w/ KK and AA, really weird, but they would catch 3 people in the hand and get paid off, while the others had underpairs, 10's and JJ.

Also played in one of those PAD freerolls that popup in the tournaments tab. Its usually a time killer for me and what I think is a learning tool, for hand situations that come about in live or real money tournamets. I got all the way to the final table and finished 5th. Lost the hand pair vs pair. My 99 vs JJ. Oh well

Saturday was a hot day, I would only know by playing golf. I love to play golf, especially with people who dont take it to seriously. I'm not the best golfer in the world, but I can hang. My iron game needs work and my putting game was a little off. But it was off the tee that helped me, I hit a lot of fairways.

I ended up winning the round of golf w/ a 92, at Lederach Golf Club, Harleysville. Nice course.

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