Friday, August 31, 2007

A good movie....

Finally a night with no visitors. Also made a nice easy dinner and took a walk for the first time as family. So after that was said and done, it was time to relax with a movie. Now I love watching TV from my home including movies. I havent gone to the movie theater since my 2nd date ever and that was in the 6th grade. Movie tickets and accessories cost a fortunte these days, and these are a couple reasons why I stay home and thats why i love Comcast OnDemand.

The flick for tonight was 'Shooter", starting Mark Walhberg. Mark also was in "Boogie Nights", "The Departed", "Invincable" "Four Brothers" and is Executive Producer of the greastest show on TV "Entourage"

the storyline was Mark as a retired Sharp Shooter, that was recruited by a government agency, that wanted him to plan an attempt of an assination of the president. The majority of the movie was taped in Philadelphia and this was the city of the attempt of the execution.

Well this planned assination was a trap to set up Mark, as the assisan. To make a long story short, Mark goes on sick killing spree to the end, to prove himself that he is innocent. Well I dont want to give to much away but its a must see. Mark, in my opinion has not done a bad movie in a long time. He is definatly a bad ass actor and he chooses scripts that really suit him.

On the poker side of things, I got to play a quick SnG on Filt, a PLO 6-max game and place 1st. Yeah first. its been so long that I actually won a table or game that it almost made me quit poker. Sike!

I think that I'm going to just play PLO for a period of time as the game doesnt bore me like NLHE.

Also, considering that I havent been doing this for a long time.... you know blogging. I have a couple of question

1. How do you put links in the blog?
2. Screenshots?
3. How do you put banners and logos on the blog?

post comments and let me know.

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Riggstad said...

links are easy... copy and paste the link into the body of the post... Highlight the link and just start typing over top of it.. It will highlight as the link... If not explained enough, bring your lap top to Champs the next time you go and let me know... We'll get after it