Thursday, January 22, 2009

Streak for the cash!

I sure most of you have seen ESPN: Streak for the Cash, contest.. if not here.

I just currently hit my longest winning streak, 3! Go ahead laugh.... hahahaha.

Right now the longest streak is 18. You have to get 27 wins in a row, to win the cash. 1 Million doll hairs, or dollars.

Twenty fucking seven wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy, Crazy.

Tonight, I will be playing my first tournament of the year. Its a freeroll, for a Borgata Main Event Seat. WCP is putting up the seat. The private tourney is on FTP. Get there! Looks like 650+ people are already signed up, with a couple of red name pros.

Hopefully, and God willing I take down this seat, i dont have to worry about airfare. A full tank in the "dad wagon" and we're there! Most likely I will not win the seat, I'm trying to get out of some family time, to go down anyway. Its going to be crazy, but I think i will know some people down there.

Cash games are going ok... its up and down, up and down. But I did take a small shot, at the next level. It took a couple of orbits, to get a feel, but ended up make a small profit, after getting cooler, twice for my chips. Crazy thing was that both times, my Aces didnt hold up... so sick.

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