Monday, January 19, 2009

I deal good!

Was offered to deal a private tournament over the weekend.

The tournament was held at private mens club in area. This was the first time that the club itself held a tournament like this but the members were mostly members of a private golf club in the area as well.

Going into the game i had no clue what was going on. No structure, no numbers of people, no info whats-so-ever.

I met the guy (John aka Hondo) who had ask the wifey if i would be interested in dealing the game, at a local establishment near the country club. We watched some college basketball, had some beer or two and then off to the club.

The ride to the club was about 10-15 mins away. It was basically a house converted into club, big basement, big front room, pool table, darts, shuffleboard, pinball, decent size bar. Your standard private mens club.

So walked in and introduced to the owner and supposely organizer. It was poorly organized and setup. So me and John had to set everything up. Nothing was unwrapped, everything was brand new, so all the equipment was nice and clean.

Not knowing the exact numbers, we setup four tables of 9 players, figuring there would be at least 35-40 people. Thats what they were expecting.

Final count 20 players.

Structure was a rebuy tournament. $75+15, with unlimited rebuys in the first 3 rounds, but you had to be broke in order rebuy (to me this makes no sense) and the rounds were 15 minutes long. It was super fast.
Blind levels started at

I think i might be missing a level but you can see it was a crapshoot and poorly sturctured.

My first table was the first to break, so i had some time to watch some of the play at the other tables and the play was just as bad at the those tables as to mine. Just horrible.

The final table was set pretty quickly and it moved even quicker. Top 4 got paid. with 4th place being kicked in the nuts, because the payout for 4th was less then $150 assuming you added-on with no rebuy. First place was a healthy $1400+. It would be a nice payday for 3+ hours of luck.

I made $100 for dealing and then an extra $90 in tips from the final table, overall a nice little payday for myself for doing something that i love to do.

After the game i was approached by the owner and his father. Its seems that they want to do this more often, we exchanged emails and i told i can show him a better structure and organization of how they can put on a better game. So hopefully this can turnout into a nice little job.

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