Tuesday, August 12, 2008


whats happening...

Bachelor party booked. I'll probably be dead, but at least there will be titties in my face.

less then a month to the wedding! aaarrrrrrhhhhh!

son turn 1. no more he's 10 months or 11 month old. he's 1. and I will not refer to him being 14 months or 18 months old. he's 1.

Honeymoon is booked. Jamaica

Still cant win a satelite. I really dont know how Hoy does it.

Live play i still run good at. Last night took 2nd place money, good for $80 profit.

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OhCaptain said...

My wife kept the month count going until each of our kids were well past 2. How the hell do you keep track of that? I have to run the numbers every time in my head...I get enough math playing poker, thank you very much.

Oh...happy birthday to your son!