Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NYC and mixed game cash

Tomorrow will be in NYC for the Yankees vs RedSox day game. I'm not a fan of either team and could care less who wins. Just going to say that I have been in the "house that Ruth built".

We will be taking the train up, from Hamilton, NJ, to Penn Station, from their us Philadelphians will be lost getting onto the sub to get to the stadium. Any help guiding us to the right spots would be appriecated.

Poker wise.. aaah, no time really. I really need to get a more comfortable chair/spot. Playing for a long time in my shitty chair messes with my concentration.

I did parttake in some cash game action last. playing HA and full ring no-limit holdem. I tripled my buyin in HA and more than double my buyin in holdem.

in my holdem sessioin, early i double off a big stack and short stack 3-way pot, with me holding top set, vs, second set, vs. TPTK.

the HA session, was back in and forth, but mainly got the money through omaha.

Saturday is bachelor party night.
Say a prayer.

Titties, Titties, Titties!!!!!

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