Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Learn, chat and suckout like the Pros.

I'm convince that site has the worst beats ever!

What is about it, that you see the most ridiculous suckouts on FTP?

Yes I have had my share against people and people against me.

But last night I had a brutal one.

I have been playing the 28k guarantee recently, and have been getting killed. I'm playing a looser game in the beginning to try to double. But last night the cards did not allow me to do that, so i had this tight image.

Anyway.... I was able to double before the break up to 4k or so. after the break, the cards were still no good. then in full tilt fashion you get this streak of cards that you have to play.

Within this streak I had pocket 9's. I was UTG+1.

UTG opens for 400. We are about even in chips, he has me cover about 500 or so. I wish i could get the hand history off my computer, but something is all jacked up.

So I flat call w/ my 9's

folds around to the button who calls and sb and bb fold

flop is 3-handed

flop is 4,9,A, rainbow.

Sweet. middle set and I know one of these donkeys is playin an Ace of some sorts.

UTG bets. (dont remember what it was)

I tank for a couple of seconds and re-raise. A good decent amount. An amount to show that I wasnt laying it down, but enough to induce a call or a push from him.

At this point is he has AA, then its set over set. Completely to hard to get way from.

button folds.

UTG push all-in.

Trap set. I call. UTG hand AQ

donkeys push top pair second kicker.

awesome huge favorite.

its a bad beat story, so you know whats next.

turn A

9's full vs. trip Aces

river Q

9's full vs Aces full. runner runner.

Thanks for coming out.

GG Beijing.

It happier news. 3 way chop the math. I wish the payout structure was better. At least they figured it out to start the final table with everyone having equal chips.

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