Thursday, July 10, 2008

the end of my trip report....

Looking back, I never finished my trip report from Myrtle Beach. I will end it now.

3rd day of Golf.

Played WickedStick fatass, lazyass, drunkass, stupidass, brokeass, One time major winner John Daly signuature course. Damn thing was so long. God bless golf carts.

The day started awful. After putting some sunblock on, I decided to run over a stoned in plant area with the golf cart. Took out about four mason stones and got a talkin to by the golf ranger. I didnt even have a drink in hand yet and I'm already hitting things.

Golf was ok. Not as great as the day before but it was ok. Highlight of the course was the hot ass smokin cart girl. Southern bell with, a tiny tight ass and rock hard body.

Of course I had to try and kick game to her. It was the 2nd time she had come around and there was a break in the action. We started talking, asking questions, seeing where she was from, what school, this that, etc. But before this all happen I knew, I remember seeing her somewhere. It was the night before at Fat Tuesday, she was the beer tub girl. Well not really but she was helping a friend. Not even realizing how long we were talking, the groups behind us caught up. Must of been 20 to 25 minutes. She was so hot. Damn if I wasnt engaged.... shit I would still be a little bitch and do nothing but stare and dream about her.

Anyway golf was golf. Miss drive here, chip well there, miss putt here. Just an okay day nothing major, it was just a very long course, but was to be expected.

Saw the cart girl for the last time on 18th. Ask what she would be doing that night and said, "Probably going to Fat Tuesday again". I was like "See ya there!" We have been going there everynight and hanging out at all the bars here.

After dinner, we headed there for another drunken coma party. The place is great. It has everything for everyone cant go wrong.

Never saw our cart girl from the course, but we ran into the waiteress that served us from the previous nite. Have to say the night she was serving us, wasnt all that impressed. She seem kinda dirty, grubby, unkepmt, just not put together well. But what a change that night. A hair straightener, a shower, some makeup, a white tube top and some jean cuchie cutters and we were in business.

Between her and my father-in-law and I dont know who was flirting more. We took a couple of pictures, (made sure they were deleted), bought them a couple of drinks, (extra shot included) and hung out for the better part of night. She brought a friend along with, she wasnt as hot, but I wouldnt kick her out of bed. I ended up talking to her for a while. Same song and dance with every girl down there. I go to Coastal Carolina, (college close to Myrtle Beach), I play a sport (soccer, which was cool, cuz I played in school as well). Blah, Blah.

Ended up saying our goodbyes, as a couple "pop the collar" "tony tough nutz" whose arms are to big for their sleeves, too much gel and frost in their hair rolled in. You know the ones you see in Jersey that think they own every girl in the club. Plus it was time to move to new bar.

Ended up going to a bar to watch the only win the flyers would get in the ECC series against the Pens.

Decided that beer was cheaper back at the condo and bounce. Got back stayed up til 3 or 4 playin drinking games until we couldnt see straight.

Day 4
Golf was ok. Played here. It was probably the worst of the courses that we played down there. Also the worst day of golf for me, it started to hit me that 4 days of golf, sun, and drinking were catching up. I quit on hole 15. I swung and hit the ball about 10 in front and couldnt stop laughing. I was done. Cool part of the day was seeing the alligator on 18 in the swap/water the was along side 18. Probably about 7 to 8 feet long.

Headed back to the condo, for some food and rest. Last night of fun and drinks. Plan was go to Crocodile Rocks. We had a reserved table cuz that how we roll, plus the guys knew it was the way to go.

This place was off the hook. The best night I probably ever had in a bar. Its highly recommended to go to a place like this. Between music, alochol and boobies. Its a win, win!

We had a table right up front, it had its pros and cons,

Saw every hot girl in the place make request.
Saw every boobie flash in the place.

Speakers right in front, made you deaf.
Everyone throwing request at you.

We first sat down, we had compliaments of the house, Jagerbombs. Free Jagerbombs right off the bat is always +EV.

We all got our drinks and waited for the show/music to begin. A couple of songs in a special request came in from our table.

The Philadelphia Eagles Fight Song. $20

Fight.... Eagles Fight, on the road to victory...... Fight!

then someone top it was a different song. Oh no! Let the betting war begin. nope.

Fight.... Eagles Fight.

$40, new song. <----the West Viringia Mountaineers College Fight Song..... who the fuck request a college football fight song over an NFL fight song.

$80 Fight.... Eagles Fight!


$140 Fight... Eagles Fight

$160 whatever the West Viringia songs is...

$200 Fight.... Eagles Fight

$235 WV song

$270 Fight.... Eagles Fight

$300 WV song

At this time its only the two groups going at it.

$325 Fight.....Eagles Fight!

$340 WV song

$350 Fight Eagles Fight.

$360 WV song

Nail in the coffin $425 Fight....Eagles Fight, on the road to victory. for the entire song.

Philly always win. The city might not have a championship in over 25 plus years. But will will not be out bid to hear our song, for our team.

the rest of the night is a blur. I had this rum, vodak, punch combo, that came in this plastic bucket. It was really good, so good that I had 4 of them.

Next day was leaving day.

Good thing our flight wasnt til 8pm we all were hungover, so we slept in very late. Hung out at the pool and drank what was left of the beer. It was a really great time. Hopefully I'm lucky enough to be invited again next year.


RaisingCayne said...

Definitely sounds like a great time! Enjoyed the trip reports.

(And beer cart chicks rule!)

Late to the topic, but re: groomsmen gifts... I didn't realize there was a decision, I thought you HAD to go with flasks! I recently played best man and I couldn't imagine getting a cooler gift than a personalized liquor holder! (FULL, of course.) I'm actually incredibly dissappointed that I'm the first to make this suggestion!?

Have a good weekend...

corron10 said...

see my other idea for the groomsmen gifts is a personal cooler, that can hold a 12 pack. I thinking about the flask too.