Thursday, May 8, 2008

Name change, Mulit-accounting, "retired name", someone give me a definition

When it came down to the final table, the reigning Card Player Online Player of the Year, Isaac Baron (pictured at right), was still in the hunt, playing as the guru 11 (rather than his retired Full Tilt screen name, mjorgenson13).

I copied and pasted this from CardPlayer.

But since when does Full Tilt allowed muliltiple handles per person?

Rule #2
Players are not allowed to create, use, or deposit to more than one account. Players who are found to have multiple accounts or to have allowed multiple users to access their account may face account suspensions or revocations, and forfeiture of their accumulated Full Tilt Points and real money balances.

This is fucking bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of us that dont have rakeback, cant close their there account, to open a new account with rakeback.

but this "online pro" can "retire" his first name and play under another account.????? What gives? Just because it a huge winner, he can get to do what he wants with his account. What Full Tilt exec, do you have to blow in order to get a name change????

This is where i think muliti-accounting is not define clearly. Yes there are a number of players who were caught with mulitple accounts playing at the same time on the same table or same tournament. That is multi-accounting.

But asking for an account name change is not multi-accounting, but by Full Tilt rules it is.

So how can they allow this kid to keep this "new" handle and not have him play under his "retired" one. This is where Rule #2 is clearly broken by this online pro and its clear as day.

Wasnt he playing under "mjorgenson13" a couple of weeks ago?


smokkee said...

very convenient huh? Full Tilt blowz.

Riggstad said...

wasn't killingegz a multi account?

Anonymous said...

Full Tilt is a joke. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this BS. That money should be frozen and they should let the legit players play for it. FK Menlo and FK Full Tilt.