Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Re-buy Stragety

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Personally, I hate them!

For a couple of reasons.
1. Not properly rolled for it.
2. No skill in the re-buy period.
3. Have to be lucky, within the re-buy period.

Some re-buy tourneys the break is within the first 30 mintues, but HOY's it was an hour.
Easily, could have dusted off a c-note in an hour.

This is my stragety for it, buy-in, addon, and then play without going broke and then addon at the break.

more later.


Riggstad said...

You got it all wrong slick...
The rebuy period ALLOWS you to make the unexpected shove, or call when because you have the opportunity to rebuy...

Towards the end of the rebu period you can get really creative if you are short.

I wouldn't suggest going crazy at all unless the op presents itself. The Luck part of it comes in play when you shove a less than better edge.

They are scary if you think you will blast your way through 3+ rebuys. Including the addon, at a $10 intial buyin, you go through $50 very quickly. Thats not the point of the rebuy.

Play it normally, exploit the edges, and hopefully you get lucky. If you get unlucky, the rebuy is more of a redo. As I like to call them :)

Julius_Goat said...

The skill of a rebuy is figuring out what the rebuy has done to people's call/shove ranges, and then taking flips with the best of it based on that.

Of course, if you aren't rolled for it you have to stay away.