Friday, November 23, 2007

Flash.... its been a week.

Its been a week since I last was able to blog. After my Mookie exit, I was fired up to play the Riverchasers event the next. That totally went out the window when my son Dylan decided to have a tooth come in. Its in the weirdest part of his mouth, upper row off to the side. Which by other people say its in an unusual spot, but its the spike of his first tooth.

That was Thursday.

Friday, is me and my sons' day. While mom is working, we have father and son time. Later that night was spent w/ adults and friends w/ no baby, as my sister volunteered to sit.


First thing in the morning was the dogs' (Bo) bath day. Yes bath day, not birthday. It was a long time since he had a good grooming.

For a better part of saturday afternoon was spent cleaning the house. Booooo!
That night, when the baby slept, I tried to qualify for the 750k tourney on Sunday. That failed. and then I came to a conclusion that I have been pondering for a while and that is...... I cant win. I can win a single table SnG but a MTT tourney, Never ever ever win. The only time I came close was when PartyPoker was available to US customers, and I got heads up for a large MTT score. And guess what I came in second.

My 28k run a couple of weeks has been my only run to a large score on FullTilt since I moved to the site. Seriously, I cant win. I know theres major luck and suckouts and resucks to take one down, but isnt it time for me to win one. Just one big score, thats all i ask for.


I tried to win a 75$ token for MiamiDon big blogger game. Once again, I didnt win. And I didnt feel like buying into the event. So that is two straight BBT2 tournaments that I missed.


When I got home from work. I played two 8.70$ SnGs for a 26$ and came up short in both but stilled managed to cash in 6th place for some cash. Again still didnt feel like buying in. 3rd straight BBT2 tournament missed.


I got to play live (cash) for the first time since the summer. It was a nice little small mixed game of Hold'em and Omaha. This group of guys is the group that I normally played with on Monday and Wednesday nights tournaments, but a couple of us grew away from the game and it started to slow down. 2 were on the verge of marriage, one was buying and restoring a house, me with the new addition and couple of the young guys were going back to school. But I'm sure the game will re-new itself later.


I played the mookie. I have a ton of screen shots.

Here starting to build my stack. small blind donkey tried to squeeze w/ 4,5 sooooooted.

Here I caught the same donkey with powerless K,Q off suit. Its no good throw it away

Here i had to make a decision. Lucky enough this was early in the tournament and I think I managed to get away from this hand, I really have to find the hand history to explain why I laid it down.
Again, building a stack. If you havent notice this screen shots are not in order. I really have to figure that one out.

Here is the great luck that I dont have, after I raised in the small blind and the big blind always has a hand when he AI over the top. At this point I was very frustrated and called being completly dominated.

That ened my Mookie run, where i was in the top 5 in chips for most of the night. I dont have a screen shot, but I played a hand right before the first break, where I was in the BB and a raiser behind me. I called and saw a flop of 4 5 6 all diamonds. I called w/ the 7,8 hearts. the raiser was a shorty and I put him all in and he/she called holding A,Q w/ the A of diamonds. of course the turn was the nut flush. And I dusted off 1/5 of my stack right before the first break.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! the RPT event was still on and I completely missed that one. The turkey sat in and I was out cold!.


I played a 18 person SnG, and battled to 2nd place. again, cant win!

This weekend I will try again to qualify for the big 750k tournament.

Good luck everyone!

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