Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sat and Bachelor Party

My boy from growing up is getting married in October and the B-party is tomorrow nite and we are heading down AC. Hopefully I wont be to f'ed up so that I can play some live cash or SnG. Dont know what casino we are heading too but who knows if I'll even remember.

Also wanted to get my picks need as I lost a tease, on Thursday, as I teased West Virgina and TCU together. WVA covered but TCU went into OT and missed a FG as Air Force made theres. Theres not many games that I like in NCAA and will probably pick my NFL games. But for NCAA I like Alabama and Louisville and Cincinati all as the favors. Then again I might take a week off from NCAA and focus on NFL.

Hopefully richer by Sunday

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