Thursday, September 13, 2007

2nd place Mookie

Its been a while since i wrote, as the baby has consumed my free time. That damn kid! Just kidding I love him more then life itself.

Before last nite i had been playing 6-max NLHE and PLO SnGs. Through Pokerstars, Bodog and Full Tilt.

I always like playing different sites as I if feel it keeps me fresh and clear of my poker playing. Any poker player would have to say that each site has a different feel of the poker that is being played.

On pokerstars i played mainly PLO winning some low limit SnGs. Ranging from $2 to $6. I feel that pokerstars playing uber tight, can get you deep and cash. Slow playing and trapping often work into drag large pots.

Bodog, I mainly use for my sportsbetting on football for NCAA and NFL. but also like to play NLHE SnGs. Again low limit from $5 up to $10, if i run well. I will get back to my sports betting day.

Full Tilt. My main playing site, I love Full Tilt, i sport the hat, which surprisingly fits my large dome really well and I pimp the polo and t-shirt, on my lazy Saturdays and when i go play live, at Riverchasers.
In the past couple of weeks i have been running super cold. I believe it was Monday nite I donk off 5 buy-ins in the 6-max turbo SnG. I was so donkist.. playing ultra LAGer..... it was awful.

It was in the Mookie that things turn around. I actually came into the tournament confident and relax, two feelings that never seemed to come together while playing in a tournament. My first hand came against AlCantHang (HandHistory). Al, said in the chat that I was picking on his blind, it just so happen, that everytime its was his BB, I actually had a hand. I promise i didnt have junk. I dont play junk. Swear!

He is another hand that added some chips to the stack (HandHistory)

Another hand that I accumlated chips on was (HandHistory)

One hand that I had to sweat was against Hoy (HandHistory) there was also a second hand that i had to sweat (HandHistory)

Then other hand adding to the stack against IslandBum1 (HandHistory)

With this hand I felt comfortable enought that I would make the final table w/ no problem.

After this the second against Hoy I cruised to my 2nd place.

Also, last Saturday I went 3-3 in NCAA and 0-1 in NFL (parlay). Not happy betting day. I will get it back.

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pokerDegen said...

you've been linked :)

congrats on the 2nd in the mookie, btw... I hope this week I remember the time!