Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whats the over/under....

Whats the over/under of how many times AQ outflops AK, in the upcoming BBT4???????

Played the Mookie last night. I got off to a good start. then went dead, expect, 2 preflop raises with JJ and 10s that went uncontested.

then at somepoint in the 2nd hour, i get AdKd, I make my standard raise, get a caller, and the button smash his whole stack, that has me cover by 100/200 chips or so. I call, and the other caller folds.

Happy to see that I'm ahead, until the magical 3 outer of the Q appears on the flop and its GG Zambia.

Dont know how much i'm going to be able to handle this in BBT4.

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lightning36 said...

Everyone is waiting for the first really big blowup in BBT4. Maybe tonight at the Mookie??