Thursday, January 29, 2009

Borgata Trip Hand Conclusion

So, to finish the hand from Sunday, when I was down AC at the Borgata for the start of the of the 3k deep stack Main Event, I was able to get to the poker room to play.


Sat down at $1/$2 bought in for $140 (I know its light)
Built it up to $190ish
I have been playing for 2+hours and have a good read on everone at the table. No one has been out of line, pretty standard stuff.

I'm UTG+2 or 3. That the only part i cant remember but I know it was semi-early position.

the kid of my direct right limps for $2, so I'm pretty sure only the SB and BB were in the hand.

I look down and see Ace of hearts and Ace of Spades.

I raise to $16, folds all the way around to the limper and calls the $14. Kid has been playing tight and solid. Has not been involve in many hands and stay out of trouble. At times, he look frustated, trying to make preflop decisions.

Flop was Jh, 8h, 3s

he checks

and I bet $26.

in about maybe 30 seconds, he re-raises to $200, putting me all-in. So the way he grab the two stacks of red chips, with both hands and aggressively put them in the pot, my stomach jumped out of my body and screamed "FUCK"

The check raise made me feel sick. I tank for about maybe 2/3 minutes thinking what he could have, to limp call UTG.

The hands that ran through my mind were KK, QQ, AJ, KhQh, JJ, 88. I ruled out KK, QQ, JJ, figuring he would at least put in some kind of raise, even if it was small. so I knock them. I didnt think he would call a raise OOP with 88, but it still sat in my mind.

So I eventually put him on AJ, KhQh hand and I make the call.

He didnt even wait for the dealer to finish dealing and slams top set Jacks over, to reveal that he had a lock.

Turn and river brick. And my Aces go down.

I posted this hand in the RC forums. I think everyone except for one person said, I have to call, no matter what. Stating that I lose more money overtime folding, to the check-raise So big time cold deck. Live poker is rigged.

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