Wednesday, January 14, 2009

14 days into January...

First post of 2009.

Thank god that the holidays are over. With overtime at work and running around getting presents for everyone its just too much stress that was unnecessary.

Looking back at my goals for 2008... pfff. Shouldn't even wrote them to being with... lets recap them...

Short and simple...
1. Win a MTT 100+ people. Failed, (did win 2 BBT3 tournaments)
2. 1k bankroll. Success (Though it doesnt show online.. I did withdraw money to pay for golf trip)
3. Satelite into a 10k event, WSOP, WPT, whatever. Failed
4. Play more PLO. lovin it. Failed (I did play some PLO, but didnt play that much as i would like)
5. Be more aggressive. Success (At least I thought i was)
6. More smart decisions. Failed/Success. (Certain opporunities presented themselves)

1. Buy a house Failed (In the process right now, met with the realtor on Saturday, looking at properities on Sunday)
2. Prepare for marriage in Sept. Success (or fail)
3. Be with my son more. Success. Right now he is in a fun age. He is such a tank.
4. Pay off my credit cards. (2) Failed. (So close to having them done)

So I had some success and some fails. I'm happy that i won 2 blogger tourneys. But with my recent move to cash games, well have to see how many tourneys I play in BBT4. I'm guessing that this BBT4 is not for Austrailia Main Event seat.

I think i was more aggressive and did make smart decision, but every situation in poker is different, so I dont know if every situation will every be the exact same. similar but not exact.

My personal goals were somewhat reasonable. Wifey and I are in the process of buying our first home. Met with the realtor on Saturday and after the meeting was done, we both looked at each other and was like "how broke are we!" I know its going to be a lot of work and making some tough decision but its for the better.

The wedding was a great success and such a great time. we are still getting compliments from people who said it was the best wedding they were at.

The boy (Dylan) is getting so big. He is literally a tank and has so much energy. He might force me to get into better shape.

Heres to an awesome and profittable 2009. Good luck to everyone.


BamBam said...

And G/L right back at you !

lj said...

sounds like '08 was a pretty awesome year. cheers to '09!