Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Havent posted in awhile....

Work is extremely busy. Leading up to Christmas, this is our business.

"Black Friday" was crazy, so many of partners had huge online deals. Black Friday was surpassed by "Cyber Monday" another crazy day for our parnters.

Here is a blog for a lot of online deals. Check it out, but be careful of the days, some of the deals are only for a couple of days or even hours.

Poker lately has all been cash games. I'm simply bored to death with tournaments. They are long, painful and downright boring. Ever since this rakeback deal that i got thru RakebackPros, I have only been playing cash games.

My game selection is full ring NL Holdem and PLO 6-max. I usually 4 table splitting both NLHE and PLO. Weekdays nights I'm usually on between 10pm to midnight or later. and on weekends on Saturday night and Sunday mornings.

Playing Sunday morning is usually the toughest for me. The tables are packed with non-US players. Their play is always super aggressive its really tough. The softest are usually at night, you can really find some drunk ATMs. Eventually I will have to get PT to really analyze my hands. I only had one losing session so far.

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