Monday, October 20, 2008

Live Poker Owned!

Played live at a local establishment for riverchasers. The word owned doesnt describe my tourament. Actually, I just let everyone else knock each other out.

There was no significant hand prior the final table that was huge for me. Except for this one...

Folds to me in the cutoff. I open with the 6,7 of clubs. I get the SB and BB to call.

Flop comes 2,6,6.

SB leads out, BB calls, and I raise and take it down. That was about it.

Nothing too exciting.

Right before the final table is where i started to put on the pressure. I had a below average stack. The tables were condensed to two.

Its all about table draw people.

Of the two tables, my table was the weak tight group. Also, the table was chip deprived. It took me about two hands too see that everyone was folding. So I took the stragety of tight table, play fast, fast table, play tight.

Our table was badly low stack and most people only had about 3 to 4 BBs left.

Anyway, I knocked out a couple of shorties at my table, to chip up a nice stack.

Final table is set. I'm in middle position and fold to my BB. Get to my BB, at this point was 100/200 blinds. UTG+2 has only 300, he goes all in folds around to me and I call blind,
KJo vs my 8,3o. He flops a Jack, I go runner, runner for the 12th best flush. Thats how I roll.
Of course you get the comment, "How can you call with that?" in my head I was like, "Are you serious?"

I always keep my mouth shut at these freerolls because its just not worth opening your mouth to some people.

I made a move like this before the final table. I'm on the button, FOLDS around to me, I shove dark. The SB was in 50, with 100 behind and the BB was in for a 100, with 100 behind. So the between the two of them they had 350 chips. My cards could have the letter A on one and the letter B on the second, and I would still have live cards.

Anyway, I remember busting the last 5 people.

5th, my flush vs. their top two
4th my two pair, vs. one pair
3rd, my river boat, vs his turn straight (he was allin pre)

Heads-up play last six hands.
First hand i made a sick bluff with 6 high. It was so gross! He eventually said he had a bust straight draw.

Second hand, he wins. Again, i had 6 high, same hand from the first and told myself I couldnt pull it off again.

Third hand. I raise, he folds.

Forth hand, he raises, i re-pop. he folds. (I take the chip lead)

Five hand, he limps, I raise with JJ, he folds. (Second pocket pair all day)

Six hand, I min raise, he calls. Flop A, K, 6, no suits. I check, he bets, I call. Turn 9. again no flush chances. I check again, he goes allin. I call.

I flip over the weapons of mass destruction, American Airlines, the Bullets Baby!!!!

Flop top set to end the game. Collect my first place cash, sign out my first place spot. Booom!

After winning i felt like i washed away an opportunity though. Its Eagles, bye week here in Philly, and i usually as make a trip down to AC when they are on their bye, but with everything so business, I wasnt able to. It could of been my time to win a big cash tourney. Oh well.

Go Phillies. We owe the City of Tampa Bay a some payback from the Bucs, busting the Eagles in the NFC Championship to go on and win the SuperBowl and the Lighthing busting the Flyers, to go on to win the Stanley Cup.

I want a parade!


BamBam said...

Congrats Sir.
Very nice to see!

BWoP said...

Congrats on the win!