Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Game 5B of the World Series

Tonight continues Game 5 of the World Series. Big discussions on the fiasco that occurred on Monday night.

The Phillies are home. they have 12 outs vs. the 9 outs of Tampa- Advantage Phillies

The game was suspended between innings. Tampa pitching and defense gets a nice dry mound, where Cole and the Philly defense had a wet, cold field. Would Rollins make that play on Upton if the conditions were better, who knows??? Upton is fast and the play would have been close, but defintly better on a dry field.- Advantage Tampa

The Losers of the Game.
The fans, soaked, pissed, confused and cold. People left work early, spent money on parking, babysitters, hotels, plane tickets, lost game tickets (I'm sure some people lost there ticket and now wouldnt be able to get in).

The Winners of the Game.
MLB- more advertising dollars. 2 Game 5's double dollars.
The commish- Just an observation, shouldnt the commissioner of the MLB be able to recite the rule book. Saving face with the rule book in front reading word for word, making himself look like hey, its not my fault, its in the rules.

The City of Philadelphia
Hopefully they will save face with this by offering free parking for the returning fans.
Maybe the stadium will offer $1 hot dogs. Another 4 and 1/2 of consessions.
What about the empty seats in the stadium, people who flew out or drove in for the game. I just hope the stadium doesnt look empty.

Its a debacle. Its the first time in history that the World Series has been suspended. Just sucks that the city of Philadelphia has to be the ginnie-pig for this. The history of this ball club is extensive and rich, with only one championship for the team in 126 years, its our destiny to win and put an end to this diaster.

Final tabled the Bodog. (sTONe10), its not my name that is on Tilt or Stars, so I wasnt tricking anyone, but when i made the account, I wanted something different.
I also busted the account playing $25 max plo. so its needs a re-load. Dont worry, I only about 40 bucks on the site anyway.

I went out 8th for a T$ refund. So many differences between all 3 sites.

Tilt---- just seems fast. Playing tournaments or cash games, it just seems it moves fast.

Stars---- crazy donkest goes on that site.

Bodog- How doesn AQ holdup against 3 other hands? Weird.

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