Saturday, September 27, 2008


Its been a very long time since i wrote anything... Lets see if i can remember anything from the last month and a half.

First off the Wedding....
Hurricane Ike tried to damper the day but he FAILED.
They say rain on ones wedding day is good luck so if we had a hurricane on ours, we should be????? Who knows. But the day was great, everything went smoothly. It was such a great time that we didnt want it to end. (we even extended an extra hour!!!!) As soon as the professional pictures are done i was post some.

Jamaica was great! I could have stayed there for the rest of my life...... all-inclusive of course! Drinks, food, entertainment and the surroundings were incredible. I will have a trip report later.

This weekend is Mr. AlCantHang big bash weekend. Now if you are anywhere within the area, you need to be here.

Yesterday was the official started of the festives. Looks like the weather didnt delay the golf outing that much from what i heard, they were able to play some holes. Its good hear because Center Square Golf Course is one of the nicest in the area. Following the golf tourney, later that night was the charity rebuy tourney. This is where i made my appearance for the weekend and was able to meet LEGENDS!

DrChako and Wife
Evy (Congrats on the very nice score at Borgata!!!!)
and others that were pointed out to me.

The room was packed with bloggers, non-bloggers, and some riverchasers legends...... Doug Miller (millerd33), Griff (LuckTruck) and Evy, Kevin (Kevin_w AK) and ShipFaced.

The tourney was great. The structure allowed alot of play and was slow enough to play mulitiple hands especially with the rebuys. Plus it was going to a good cause, the Suzan G. Korman Breast Cancer Foundation.

My tourney experience was blah... biggest hand for me was a set of jacks. I actually caught someone trying to lay the HAMMER down but it FAILED!

It was hard to get things going at my table. I tried to see flops but just wasnt connecting.

I got the HAMMER once and won with it, with a large re-raise, it was suited so it was the girly HAMMER.

I know i made some questionable calls and misplayed some hands and did run into some bad luck but it was a great night and was nice to put faces to blogs.

Tonight everyone is at the pub in Phoenixville. The Pub-Olympics are being held and opening ceremonies start. So if you are in the area get there!

Hopefully there will be something going on Sunday for the ones who are still alive.

Happy Bashin' Everyone.


BWoP said...

It was nice to finally meet you!

BamBam said...

I'm with bwop!

Great to finally meet you and hopefully, the next chance we get will be for an even longer amount of time!

katitude said...

So cool to put another face to a virtual name :-)