Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Monday night was a surprise home game. My friends that play came from underneath the rock to actually play. Its was 8 handed, plenty to play a tournament.

Same old, same old, $40 buy-in, T5000 chips, 15 minute levels, no antes.
Got in trouble early with KQ soooooooooted vs 44, opp flop a set, and i flop TPSK.
I called a small raise preflop. called the another small bet on the flop, hoping that my TPSK was good. turn came another Q. (rigged), so he bet the turn and I got a nasty feeling in my gut. River was blank. He bet again, now my stomach is in knots. the bet was small, and I ended up calling, losing 1/5 of my starting stack. luckly it was early. so I still had time.

Before we saw the flop, my oppenent said he had a pair. Knowing his betting size i knew it was small pair and not a large one. When he bet the turn, I had a strong feeling I was beat, but I just dont see how i can lay down trips early, especially to LAGTARD, who says he isnt, but really is.

Anyway, I chipped up nicely from there, with no real confrontation. I was able to take out the, the LAGtard, with 66 vs A9, on the money bubble. Heads up I had a 3:1 chip lead. Offered my oppenent an extra $20, to ended it there, so we could play cash. He agreed and I took $200 instead of $220. Ended the night with $160 profit from the tourney. then we played cash for an hour. Broke even.

Played for free. Local bar. Made the final table, busted out 7th. Alot of pushmonkeys. I had a decent stack before the final table, but I couldnt win a race with 55 vs AJ. He hit an Ace the turn. and I was drawing to one out, cuz the girl next to me muck a five in the big blind.

this is my only pet peeve from that game. the same girl who mucked the five. got to the final table with 150 in chips. blinds were 50-100, when we started the final table. she had 4 hands before she would be in the big bling, so at the start she was UTG+2. Anyway she folds to her big blind. Now she sits in the BB, with 150 chips and 100 in the BB. the SB is another girl with an average stack. it folds around. neither the hi-jack or button raises this girls BB. the SB FOLDS K6 soooooted. to the BB. FOLDS and shows her K-high. the girl gets a walk in her BB.

Next hand she has 200 and 50 is in the SB. 3 people limp, she puts in her last 200. Her flush is the winner and quadsurpales up to 800. Now an above average stack. She ended up taking out 9th, 8th and 7th spots (<---- me) and was the CL when i busted. Started the final table with 1 BB and 1 SB. Poker...... luck, skill, and stupidity.

Free poker

but love the double stack. whosever idea that was, is a genius

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