Thursday, June 26, 2008

Honeymoon Vacation?????

If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment. Dislikes, likes, possibly a link to the hotel/resort.

One requirement must have or access to a beach.

No Jersey Shore spots either.

I do have some places in mind, like the Dominican Republic, Mexico.

So any thoughts would be helpful.


smokkee said...

Astin said...

Turks & Caicos?

Mediterranean cruise?

Tom McMenamin said...

How bout somewhere down the Jersey shore ?

lightning36 said...

Can't go wrong with Maui, one of the greatest places on earth. Lots of good hotels and condos from which to choose.

BamBam said...

If you're considering the D.R.

You might want to take a look at Juan Dolio Beach. It's a Dominican area used by a lot of Dominicans. It's safe to walk the beach and streets. 80% of the locals are guy's and gal's from around the world that fell in love with a Dominican and made the move there.

Peb's and I have been twice and loved it.

I will advise that you pay the extra for at least the 4* though. If the 5* is in your budget, make that move too. It'll be well worth it.

lj said...

fiji. ~ expensive to get there, but very cheap once there. i can't recommend a specific resort, but there are plenty of them, and the beaches/water are gorgeous.

Riggstad said...



mostly french vacationers and owners. Never crowded. Naked chics on the beach

Hot Chics. Rent a mini-moke. (car like go cart that will get you around the island)

Stay at the St. Barts Beach Hotel (condos overlooking your own beach)

Awesome time for honeymooning.

and you'll see at least 10 naked celebrities... your wife may like that.

Billy Joel played the piano just because at the hotel gustavia while we were having dinner...

email me if you want details