Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still kickin'

No desire to blog. But i have been playing, just not as much as I did in March. Whats the point if I'm not contending for a 2k seat.

Though the list of TOC seat qualifiers is getting tougher, my chances for the ME Seat are sliming too.

Still pondering if the miracle does really happen, if i would go or not. If its a 10k package, I would take the cash or T$, assuming airfare and hotel are not included. if its a 12k package which includes airfare and hotel, I'll be in Vegas for my birthday.

You are probably thinking missing the WSOP ME, are you crazy????, a great opportunity to play in the biggest poker tournament.....

i do have my reasons for taking the cash or T$. (in not particular order)

Time off from work, would be hard. With a my ball and chain day in September, its going to be hard to take however long i'm out there for. Plus if i do go out, I'm not really sure if I would leave.

Me turning 10k into millions=slim to none. The ME is a lottery ticket, too many people playing stupid and getting lucky, the 10k is worth more then 0$ for a suckout.

Bankroll. 10k would be a huge bounce up in my roll. It can do a lot of things for my me and family. Besides my family comes before a poker dream.

this is still a long shot. A 2 out of 53 longshot. the TOC is getting a lot a aggressive MTT players and I'm not one of them.

Besides that, I playing satelities into the FTOPS and majors. I won a seat into FTOPS event #1, but decided to take the T$. There is a super soft SnG for $8.80 a 36 people turbo 6-max SnG. So far I think I played it about 5 times. Although i didnt win the seat here, I have come very close with a 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and then bounce early in my last one.

Also FTOPs, has mystery tournaments, that have not been decided yet. Hopefully one of the tournaments is a "shootout format". Pokerstars, has these and if FullTilt is able to duplicate this format, it would be great at more satelite chances to some more major tourneys.

Also a mystery tournament is hosted by Paul Waskica, isnt it obv. that it's a heads up MTT. Question is, how many people will get in that? That would be sick.

Tonite is the Mookie.
See ya.


Schaubs said...

2 of 53 or 1 out of 52?

I say you play in the WSOP. A chance like that would never come around again.


corron10 said...

2 multiple winners, knocks it down to 53 players as of now, taking no more mulitiple winners. 2 seats being awarded. so 2 seats out of 53 runners...