Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Month 1 done...

Congrats to John, on winning the first 2k WSOP seat. He played really well in March and good luck to him in the tourney he decides to play.

April starts a new month and i really doubt that I will have one like i did in March. I won my first 2 blogger tourney and finish in 6th place overall for the month. Only me and Lucko had 2 win tournies. It was real close and it came down to the last event to determine the winner. There were 6 of us coming close to the seat.

April starts off with Skillz Series. Limit Omaha /8. I hate this game. Probably not a good game to start the month off with to make a run for the seat.

My weekend poker was awful. I have a bunch of hand histories to look through. I know i made a staright flush w/ a suited hammer.

I cant satelite into the bigger tournies to save my life, (like i would play them anyway) and I keep getting raped in SNG at all levels.

Oh well....

Heres to a good April...

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