Thursday, March 20, 2008

Live tourney result

Does a live tourney qualify for the TOC??????

Decided to skip the Mookie, for some home game action. Boy did i get hit with the deck.

The game was 8-handed, $40 buyin T5000 stacks

First hand of the night.
QQ, raise to 300 after some open limpers. and get 5 callers. Awesome.

Flop KJ5, rainbow.

BB was first to act, after the SB, folded pre, and leads for for T1000 UTG+1, and UTG+2 fold. I tank and think for 2 minutes and fold. and the button folds. BB shows AK, and i show him QQ. No big deal minimal loss.

Second hand of the night.
Again QQ, Yes again, (and we play w/ two decks). fold, fold, I again raise to 300. One caller.

Flop, AK6,

I'm OOP and check, and get a check behind.

Turn, 3, harmless.
I bet 500 and get min-raise behind. Tank again, and lay it down, and show the QQ again, and he shows a set of 6's. Again a small loss, w/ a premium hand.

Couple of hands later.....

Pick up AKs in diamonds, blinds are now 50-100
I raise 450, get two callers.
Flop Q,10,6 two diamonds.
Three checks.
Turn 9 diamonds.
Check, i bet, Fold Fold.

Picking up my chips from the first two hands

Again couple of hands later. KK is good, with a limper and blinds.

couple of hands later,

I pick up 88 in the SB.
I call a raise, from a late position player. as does the BB and the UTG+2

Flop comes 8,7,5.
I lead out small
BB folds UTG+2 calls and late poistion folds.
Turn 2, now with two clubs.

I push All-in. UTG+2 tanks and thinks for bit. Ends up calling, with a pair and flush.

River 8,

I'm now the big stack.

Next big hand.
I'm in the BB, with K2 off. 2 limpers and and SB completes and I check my option.

K27, two spades.

SB, checks, I lead out, 2 limpers call,

Turn 9,
I lead out again. 2 calls,

River J, no flush, but complete a staright.

I check, 2nd player checks, last to act. throws out 1600 which was a little over half the pot.
(2nd player mucks before I act),
I sit and think, now that my two pair is trumped. He was a shorty, and I had a big stack, and decided to look him up. His busted pair and flush missed and I take it down. KJ and K9, are not out of his range in late position, so I had to think if the two pair was good and it was.

I'm now a monster.

I give a few chips back, when my 10s are no good against AJ, against a shorty.

Then a 2nd player started to chip up nicely after knocking out 2 shortys and at one point we were close in chips, but I still held the lead.

Then the monster of all hands comes up.

Blinds are now 200/400 and now 4 handed. Top 2 get paid.
I'm in the BB w/ 88.

2nd chip stack is UTG, and raises to 1300, button folds, SB folds. and I flat call.
I hate playing against the 2nd big stack at the table.

Flop 10,8, 2, w/ 2hearts.

I fired 1800.
Not as soon as the chips hit the table, I hear "All-in"
We are just about even, and I had about 1100 more then he did.
I took my time and though about what he might of had.

set of 10s, flush draw, can i dodge his overcards, (was he playing his J9s, again, that he took two shortys out with). I kept asking questions, "Mike you got a set of 10s?" Mike, how big is pair?" Mike, its a flush draw, right?" Range is big, especially 4 hand.

I finally put him on overs, and I call. Probably the biggest call I have made, going agaist some w/ about the same # of chips.

I flip my set of 8's and he flips his two QQs w/ a bookdoor flush draw.,
Turn and river brick. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I rake a huge pot, and now have a very large chip lead compared to the other two.

I then play big stack poker and knock the 3rd place guy. With A9, vs KQ and the A9, holds.

Heads up. The other agress to take 2nd place money. Which is double the buy-in, and I take 1st $240.


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