Thursday, February 21, 2008

Since I'm not playing....

Being a Philly sports fan and sports fan overall, and I'm not playing as much (for right now), I'm going to blog about some sports.

Baseball is on the horizon. With pitchers and catchers reporting last week, the boys of summer will be here in no time.

But before they can play, they can have some fun.

Our stud first baseman was awarded his money today....

All 10 million of it

I really wished they could settle this before the aribritation case began for a couple reasons.

1. Is 3million a huge difference? Especially, when he will get a long term mulit-million contract.

2. The Phillies had the taste of playoffs last year and after seeing that the crappy/choke artists Mets signed one of the best pitchers, that is not on steriods or HGH (maybe, who knows who is using in this league) in the league. You would think Our 2006 MVP, would accept the 7 million, and say, spend the extra 3 on some pitching.

After the Mets signing of Santana, they are now the frontrunners for NL East division. A division that Atlanta once owned is now a 3 horse race, between, Philadelphia, NewYork, and Atlanta. This division is one of the best in baseball.


Its still cold out, so hockey is still playing. Well I think it is. My fly guys are on season worst 8 game skid. They always seem to do this. Play well for a while and then shit the bed. And when it gets bad, it gets worst. News of Simon Gagne is out for the season and the playoffs (if there any). I cant go through another year of no playoff hockey in this town. Of all the professional sports, playoff hockey is the best IMO. What this team needs a good kick in the butt. There are players that really need to set up, especially this guy. The future captain, is doing all he can right now, he is having a stellar year. They also need to know who there goalie is, with about 20-23 games left they need a steady netminder.


He did it again. I'm so glad that I get to see this in my lifetime. I know Jack was great, but this guy is God. I'm sure Schaubs, will agree. I think Nike, has put some special radar in his golf balls to find the bottom of the cup.

My poker game, is non-existent. I need to re-evaluate it. I need a change.


BamBam said...

As a Devils fan, (forgive me, but Lou did hire a buddy of mine to be his first "real" goaltender and I will always be thankful for that)
you're 'Phlyers' need more than you think.

They need to learn and play by total teamwork ethics. The whole "I can put the team on my shoulders and carry the puck end-to-end" mentality, just needs to be ditched. It's a team game. The puck can move up to 80% faster than the fastest players. That means that the players need to be where the play isn't, in order to be effective. Once there, they need someone to recognize the situation and actually make a pass, instead of trying to force the play up the middle.

They have the talent and in hockey, that's 1/2 the battle. What they need now is someone to bring them to the realization, that they are far better as a whole. Unfortunately, this is the not the current mind set of the millionaires playing a kids game. As long as it's a me-me team, it'll be a long season for you the fan and show very little semblance of a team, in a team dominated sport.

Schaubs said...

It was the matches that Tiger won earlier in the week that were truly amazing. That match with Baddley was just nuts. I think they both shot 64 and they needed extra holes.

He's on fire! He hasn't lost a tournament since Labour Day weekend - 6 months ago!

The flyers suck, sorry man. They started off hot, but they still suck and I don't see them getting much better anytime soon. Especially now that there is no Forsberg in there future... They've got some great young talent, so hopefully someone grab their attention and make a difference.