Friday, December 14, 2007

Mookie Dookie

Dont work, while playing. My new lesson in my poker career (lack of). With the holiday, I'm super crazy busy, luckly w/ my job, I have the ability to work from home. Fawk!

Anyway this cause my lack of focus on the game and played uber christmas donkey in the mookie.

Here is the Hand.

Please I will only expect insults and ignorance. Lay it on thick, Please!

I did stay awake to play the Dookie. This week was "HA", which I love to play. I think its better fits my game and style. But here are my first 6 hands. Thanks RNG.

Is that possible, the combination of 4,9 and 5,7 in the first six hands. Ridiciolous!

Here are my plo hands. two are at the final table
The BR is taking a hit, especially w/ holiday shopping and some unseen events.
Not cashing, being completely card dead and not being lucky enough in this game is also contributing to the fact.
And oh yeah, I remember I dont win in this game. Never ever!
Miss the RPT event, so that my son, could get his mug shot w/ the jolly fat guy. Good times!

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pokerDegen said...

Your RNG wackiness is even weirder than my RNG craziness.