Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I really need to keep up with this....

Everytime I sign-on, I really want write but I just dont have enough time.... I had a deep finish in the RPT event... 11th. 2 spots away from the money. I had no clue how I chip up and got that deep.

I missed a couple events due to the baby not being asleep on time and completely being lazy. No energy or excitement to play.

Kinda had an idea of a mixed game blogger events that I sent to Riggstad and AlCantHang. It would be a 4 week rotation of games... example.

week1 PLO w/rebuys
week2 PLO 8
week3 Razz/HA/HOSE
week4 HORSE

Ranging in all different buy-ins. They both liked the idea and could be in the works for next year. The BBT2 has been hold'em hold'em hold'em. Time for a change.

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