Thursday, November 1, 2007

One and done...

Played the Mookie, played one hand (two black A,A) and was cracked by no other then the name itself. cracknaces. Hand

I will post the hand history when I get home.

So one hand and I was bounced early.

I was planning on playing the Dookie and Spookie, but all the sugar from all the candy that wasnt handed out, was on the downfall and I ended up passing out. I really, really want to win one of these things. I just want the opportunity to play for the Aussie Seat.

I also played on M.A.T.H, for one of my few tokens, made it deep, lost a race, when UTG, went all in w/ 99 and I in the big blind w/ AQ and couldnt spike an over. Hand

Also on FullTilt i had a winning saturday. <----- This doesnt happen to me much on the weekend. I played 3 SnGs, and actually had a profit for the day.

We be playing Riverchasers tonite. I will try to play 2 hands tonite.

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